We are a general contractor or a sub-contractor of the following works: telecommunication and electrical power construction, modernisation and maintenance of lighting, localisation of cable damage, illuminations, traffic lights, telecommunications resource inventory / audits, lighting master plan and others.

We render our services in Poland and abroad.

We constitute a strong group of independent and qualified construction teams supported by a young and ambitious sales team. We have a vast number of possibilities, hence we are open to all cooperation opportunities as a general contractor or a sub-contractor. Our vast experience always enables us to prepare quotations meeting our Customer’s needs and  we consider each commenced cooperation with reasonable skill and care. As a sub-contractor we are loyal and the good of our direct Customer is always first, taking care of its reputation during works.



1. Telecommunication construction, including:

  • construction of optical telecommunication networks
  • construction of copper telecommunication networks
  • construction of telecommunication ducts
  • construction of micro-ducts
  • construction of structural networks

2. Maintenance of road lighting, including:

  • lump-sum-based continuous maintenance
  • table settlement-based maintenance
  • casual maintenance works (no permanent contracts)

3. Electrical power construction, including:

  • construction of cable lighting circuits
  • construction of cable electric power circuits
  • stage or comprehensive construction of lighting
  • design-and-build system-based construction
  • financing
  • assembly of systems according to tunnelling method
  • assembly of lighting poles and fittings
  • assembly of switchgears and control cabinets
  • systems of intelligent internal and external systems

4. Modernisation of road lighting system, including: 

  • exchange of fittings
  • exchange of poles with extension arms and of fittings
  • modernisation according to audit-based lighting modernisation concepts
  • stage and comprehensive modernisations
  • modernisations with financing

5. Localisation and repair of damaged cables, including:

  • damage localisation
  • damage repair
  • cable exchange

6. Illuminations

  • delivery and assembly of illuminations - sale or lease 
  • link to “Illumination” tab

7. Traffic lights, including:

  • service and maintenance of traffic lights,
  • lump-sum or table-based service contracts
  • casual repairs

8. Telecommunications resource inventory / audits

  • inventory, telecommunications resource inventory and audit of electric power equipment

9. Intelligent building

10. Lighting master plan 

11. Others

  • designs in the field of telecommunication and electrical power construction
  • tests and measurements of internal and external systems
  • cost estimates of electric power works
  • consultancies with respect to the conducted works

Completed projects:

1. Inventory and telecommunications resource inventory of street lighting in Białe Błota commune.

2. Leasing of Christmas illuminations to Grębocice commune.

3. Maintenance of lighting in Toruń, Jelenia Góra, Włocławek, Lubin, Piotrków Trybunalski, Łowicz, Łódź and others.

4. Construction of hybrid lighting in Tarnowo Podgórne commune.

5. Construction of street lighting in Zbąszyń commune.

6. Construction of street lighting in Rokietnica commune.

7. Construction of park lighting in Tarnowo Podgórne commune.

8. Construction of street lighting in Białe Błota commune.

9. Construction and service of fibre optic network in Krapkowice commune.

10.  Construction of street lighting in Grębocice commune.

Images of project examples are below. 



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